Reading with Flipboard

I find myself using Flipboard daily to stay up to date with articles and topics that I am interested in.  I have tried to use the iPad client but have found that with the additional real estate, there are more articles that seem to clutter the screen and distract the UI.  I have a very distractable personality…  As I type this I am sitting on the couch and watching the show Lost on Netflix.  I just can’t seem to sit idle and feel a bit restless when I try.  But let’s get back on track.

So the way I read my Flipboard articles is on the iPhone on a very focused screen size.  This can show only one article at a time and the navigation is intuitive and almost instinctive.  I think there is a valuable UI lesson about the cost of a screen and the value that the information on the screen should carry.  Also, just because you have the space, doesn’t mean you should fill it up with low quality noise.  The focus should be to keep the value high and put less valuable items off the screen or out of the app all together.

As for the articles that I read and collect, they are all technical in nature and may be of interest to you:

DEV OPSArticles on automation
LOCK IT UPArticles about security
DATABASES NOSQLDatabase articles that are non-relational
i SEEArticles about Data Science, Visualization and Machine Learning
ALL THINGS DEVGeneral articles on development, Design and UI
PERSONALITY TYPESAbout people and leadership
JAVASCRIPT FUNArticles about Node, React, jQuery… all things JavaScript
TECH COOLTechnology that is interesting
SQL STUFFRelational SQL items, mainly MSSQL
PICKSThis is the bucket that all the rest of the articles go to

Hopefully some of these articles and topics are of interest to you and I will keep sharing things as I parse through them. At the time of writing there are around 4,847 Articles in the various categories.


About b.hedge

i do database stuff and i like to solve business problems with code.
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