Why to NOT write a blog…

While I wrote the first post and messed around with the formatting and all other details of the wordpress site…  my oldest son took a break from watching Curious George and proceeded to draw on his face with a ink pen.  Great.  My wife took a few minutes to herself and I failed because I was trying to write a blog.  Our family is made up of my wonderful wife (L) of 13 years, our 4 year old son (N) and our 1.5 year old (E).    Family time is a premium… and I want to be a good husband and father.  So, I guess family time is one reason to not write a blog.

Another reason that I can think of to NOT write a blog is that I am always busy.  Always.   When I am idle is when I fall asleep.  Just busy with work or my current technical obsession that I am avidly researching.  I have so many technical interests it is chaos in my poor brain at times.  Good.  Now I am up to two reasons to not do the blog thing.

One other good reason is the curse of the impostor syndrome.  The “why would anyone want to read my stuff” and “what am i really an expert in?” that fill the mind with doubt.  Why would I put stuff out there in the open?   What if people learn that I don’t know something?  I am already a bit socially awkward when not talking about technology…  hmmm.

So many reasons to NOT write a blog.

…but wait, all of these things are just artificial roadblocks.

For the family time, I just need to balance it and let this not interfere with OUR time.  We are talking a little discipline and time management.  That seems to solve that issue.

For the always busy part, maybe a blog would help me focus a bit and guide my thoughts on a few topics at a time?  Seems reasonable.  Then I could also capture what I was thinking about a topic at the time and see the forward progress as I learn the new hot technology.  Alright, this reason is solved too.  For the inadequacy and self doubt, this is just false.  Many people ask questions of me and get my thoughts on subjects.  I love to teach and share my ideas with those that will listen.  These thoughts are just the brain searching for a reason to not do something and be a bit lazy.  Problem solved.  I am an “expert” in a few things.  Even if sometimes I am just one page ahead in the manual than the person I am talking to.

So all of this to realize I should write a blog to capture my thoughts and try to help others that are interesting in learning the same things that I am looking at.

I am not the best at grammar and commas…  so I will be on the lookout for the trolls but they are always there, just don’t feed them.


About b.hedge

i do database stuff and i like to solve business problems with code.
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One Response to Why to NOT write a blog…

  1. Rodnee says:

    I started my blog so that I could have one place where I could look up little tasks that I did. Things like “How to delete certain line numbers with sed” etc etc. Nowadays, anything I find interesting also gets added to the blog.

    For me the biggest benefit has been the ability to follow and learn from other people’s blogs.

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