Drive Without Goals is Dangerous

Not everyone is built the same.  Some individuals are wired to do things constantly and try to achieve some goal that is built up in the mind, either consciously or subconsciously.  These individuals seems restless if they are idle and can even get frustrated by idleness.  Then the inner drive continues to weigh on them and they struggle to get it all done.  The question should be “what are you trying to do?” and you should focus on that.

Major effort is put forward working on a multitude of task but “What” is the ultimate goal?  Is it a greater sense of achievement for achievement sake?  Is it financial comfort for your family?  “What” are you driven for?  What is the goal of your drive?  If you have not set a goal, how do you know what to target and how do you know when to lighten up after you have crushed that goal?

You must clearly target what your goals are, what you want to achieve and why.  Without a target you will not clearly complete the indirect things built up in your mind and that will eventually cause mental fatigue and exhaustion.  Many things we work on do not have immediate results and may even be stretched over years of time.  So this “marathon” goal that you have in your life has to be treated in that manner.  You cannot sprint a marathon.  So make a strategic plan that can incrementally get you to your end goal.  Again, chop up your big end goal into small achievable (and measurable) goals that will pull you forward to what you want to achieve.

Also, don’t forget to reward yourself along the way when you achieve your progress goals.  Take some time off.  Go on a vacation.  Get that steak dinner.  Take the day off with the family and hike in the park.  Whatever the reward is, make sure it is worthy of the goal that you just achieved and make sure you can answer these two questions:

  1. What is my next incremental goal?
  2. What is my next reward?


Ensure that you do not continue down the path of blindly working without targeting a specific and measurable goal.  If you cannot declare success in your mind, it is a dangerous recipe of distraction and burn out.  Chop up your large goals into smaller ones that can be completed along the way to knocking out the big goal.  Tell others about your goals too and you may be surprised at the focus other can provide you by keeping you on task or you may be surprised by the help that you receive along the way.  Make sure to write down your goals onto a piece of paper or into a tool that you can use to track and measure your success.  If you don’t document these things, how can you be sure you are on the right track?  Finally, lift your head up along the way and reward yourself for the incremental wins that you have had.


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i do database stuff and i like to solve business problems with code.
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