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Part 2 – Building a simple JavaScript game

The thought of creating a game is pretty easy.  Ideas for what to put into the game are easy too…  but the ideas never seem to land in order.  Some of the topics you end up thinking about would come … Continue reading

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Building a simple JavaScript game

My friend Chris showed me a simple game that he was working on in PowerShell.  He began writing it to improve his skills in that language.  When Chris showed the game to me and Marco, I honestly did not know … Continue reading

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A Lack of Original Content

I find that there is a lack of original content that is published out via different social and traditional information outlets.  Not that there is a large amount of plagiarism… I am not saying that at all, there are just … Continue reading

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Do you have five minutes?

The dreaded question “Do you have five minutes?” seems to be relatively harmless on the surface.  I mean, who doesn’t have five minutes to spare?  Then you stop and say “Sure” to not be rude or seem dismissive of the … Continue reading

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